SINNOTEC silicate chemistry hardens concrete floors perfectly.

Because something can always go wrong ...

Filling wine, milk or liquid ice in tankers is like a relay. A secure floor is needed so that the transfer works in record time. However, heavy-duty trucks are not the only maximum loads for the concrete track in extreme hot and cold, as there is almost non-stop operation at filling stations.

On surfaces renovated with SINNOTEC, permanently repairing cracks in the track cover and filling in fractures is a thing of the past. Even the intervals between two inspections are significantly longer than usual. Investments in concrete floors restored with silica thus pay for themselves after a short time. And from then on your company will make more profit on a healthy ground.

Hermetically sealed with certainty!

Concrete master-builder quality

The WHG* is a benchmark of quality: Production facilities, including all supplying and outgoing channels, must be designed in such a way that no substances which contaminate the ground water can enter into the ground. Leaks in the concrete must therefore be closed immediately. SINNOTEC silicate chemistry ensures that damages are rectified permanently as long as they are still manageable.

*WHG = Water Resources Act

Bearing the heaviest loads

Concrete floors in industry must be both dense and able to withstand maximum loads. If nacelles for wind turbines are installed in a production hall, the weight (without rotor blades) bearing down on the ground can be up to 70 tonnes. With SINNOTEC silicate chemistry, ultra-hard, extremely resistant coverings can be put over the old floor, and such loads won’t make an impact, even in high temperatures of up to 300°C.

Resistant to temperature shock

The SINNOTEC silicate chemistry significantly extends the restoration intervals of concrete surfaces when used at ground level under filling plants in the chemical industry, in clarification tanks in municipal sewage management, in the fermentation tanks of bio-gas plants or in the food industry. Even leakages at the dry ice filling plant do not cause any serious damage to the SINNOTEC-protected track, as the silica-based product proves to be completely resistant to temperature shock – from absolute zero to +500 ° C.

Anti-corrosive on steel

With SINNOTEC silicate chemistry, pure steel components can also be protected from corrosion. The product portfolio is designed in such a way that both concretes and their steel reinforcement, as well as elements made of pure steel, can be coated highly efficiently. Rust does not have the slightest chance of settling on the surface. Crack formation is therefore prevented. The dangerous hollow positioning of false ceilings made from concrete is also prevented when using SINNOTEC silicate chemistry at an early stage. Nevertheless, one should not wait until it is almost too late before applying.

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